Wine Workshops


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Wine Workshops for Restaurant and Hospitality Staff

Level 1 and Level 2 courses available

The Ontario South Coast region is close to obtaining a Designated Viticultural Area (DVA) status. As we continue to grow in popularity as a wine destination, food and wine tourists are visiting our region expecting a quality experience and knowledgeable service – and you’ll be ready!

Workshop Content:

Level 1:  Introduction to Ontario’s South Coast

Education about our local wine industry:

  • What is a DVA? – Introduction to wine concepts including terroir and VQA
  • What is the Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association (OSCWGA) and what does having a DVA mean for our region?

Customer service training:

  • How to open a bottle of wine
  • Detecting if the wine is corked or to know when a wine isn’t ideal to serve
  • Optimal serving temperatures for different wines
  • How to chill wine quickly
  • Food and wine pairing basics that outline how wine enhances the food experience


Level 2:  Getting to know the varietals of Ontario’s South Coast featuring Classic Food Pairings

and Historical Approaches

Education about our local wine industry:

  • Update from the Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association on the progress of becoming a DVA
  • Sample wines from each winery in Ontario’s South Coast

Customer service training:

  • Learn about the varietals that flourish in Ontario’s South Coast and the characteristics that make them unique
  • Learn about the classic food pairings for these varietals and how to recommend a wine to pair with a dish.


Keynote Instructor:

Jenni Mudge-Winters, Certified Master Taster. Jenni is a dynamic wine educator with over 15 years of experience working in the Ontario Wine Industry.


$10 per person for OSCWGA members

$20 per person for non-members

How to register:

In order to keep the workshop interactive and hands on – registration will be limited to approx. 20 people per session. Please email for more details and upcoming course dates.


Thanks to our workshop sponsors: